The rules of good food according to Antica Fattoria del Grottaione? Seasonality and tradition combined with the desire to experience new emotions, always in compliance with the ingredients.

The raw materials we use are the fruit of our lands, the asparagus harvested in spring along the river, the autumn mushrooms of Mount Amiata, the herbs and tomatoes picked in our garden, the wild beets brought by our neighbors, the meat and dairy products coming from the animals raised in the valley.

Only from these ingredients it is possible to give birth to the dishes that distinguish Antica Fattoria del Grottaione, such as the soup with spinach and ricotta, the peposo,  pici with crumbs ... with the added value of the pasta, bread, buns that are hand made in the Tuscan tradition.

The magic touch of our preparations? The oil. We are in the homeland of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Montenero is the seat of Frantoio Franci, which has been the first olive crusher in the international rankings with its selection of oils for years.

Each dish is prepared at the moment, for this reason we can give special attention to the needs of our customers and personalize recipes for people with food intolerances or for vegetarians and vegans.

"The view, the wonderful place, handled with the greatest attention to details. A great food and wine experience.
You can only understand when you taste. The touch, the handshake… The embrace of hospitality.”